Adante Ace & Superstar Jay present the Street Report By Patrick Dineen Just when we thought things couldn't get any bigger or better in the world of Hip Hop, Adante Ace surprises us once again. Ace recently provided yet another opportunity for unsigned artists to receive major exposure. Ace teamed up with Jamaica Queens native DJ Superstar Jay to create, "Audio Showcase." No your eyes are not deceiving you! He really is taking his showcases to the digital level. Ace and Superstar Jay will be producing at least one CD every month that will feature anywhere from 10-20 tracks from unsigned artists. The two will promote the new materials in the fashion of an actual showcase. CDs will be available for fans and supporters to download and a few hundred copies will be distributed throughout the industry. The new project finally offers all unsigned artists a better possibility of getting the proper recognition and opportunities to network within the Hip Hop business community. Countless artists and fans will benefit from Ace and Superstar Jay becoming an A&R for the streets. Adante Ace, CEO of Ace of Spades Entertainment (est. 1995), promotes events at Plumm, LQs, & Roseland with reputable Deejays such as Kid Capri, Funkmaster Flex, Camilo & DJ S&S. Ace is also involved with running a monthly showcase that has been hosted by legendary DJ Marley Marl, DJ Green Lantern, DJ Kay Slay, Mad Linx, Ed Lover, and Raekwon. Ace considers himself to be different from other promoters because not only does he promote his work, but he also markets it. Ace is known for setting up marketing plans for not only all of his personal projects, but for other companies as well. Ace promotes and attends roughly four events every week, in addition to all of the other showcases that he is involved in on a regular basis. Superstar Jay recently received an award for MTV mixtape DJ of the year. At the age of 12, he began learning the ropes from legendary deejays Ike Love and DJ Clue. He has successfully put out over 40 mix tapes, selling more than 50,000 copies. Supporters ranging from Philadelphia, all the way to Germany are always eager to get their hands on a Superstar Jay mixtape. Jay has created exclusives from artists like 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Fabolous, and Noreaga. Jay is currently partnering with Oh Baby ENT and Northside ENT for new work and even hotter collaborations. Clearly, Superstar Jay is all about giving a leg up in helping artists shine and receive the exposure necessary-whether signed or unsigned. Jay once stated, "You can always market the talented people and people will always recognize it, look at me." The fact that Adante Ace and Superstar Jay are linking up to bring the unsigned community a positive and creative outlet that promotes growth and exposure is nothing short of a blessing. Ladies and gentleman, this is not your everyday Promoter and DJ collaboration. Ace and Jay represent two men that have successfully mastered their craft and are still hungry, willing, and passionate in making a difference in the lives of other talented men and women. The digital market is currently a force to be reckoned with, so this showcase gives artists who thought they'd never make it out of their hometown a chance to be heard and a shot to go to the next level. Both of these men are determined to make this a success just like they've experienced in recent years with previous endeavors. Ace and Jay anticipate dropping a tape on the first Tuesday of each month beginning May 6, 2008. The word is out! Emcees and producers: hone your skills now, music lovers of the world: expect greatness.