Press Release: Adante Ace & Superstar Jay present the Street Report


Over the past decade and a half, Superstar Jay has proven to be much more than your average mixtape deejay. Stepping into the hip hop arena at the tender age of 12, under the tutelage of turntable greats Kid Capri, Ron G. and DJ Clue, it wasn’t long before Jay was labeled a mixing prodigy. His reputation grew steadily as he jumped at every opportunity to display his skills at parties and local events around his hometown of Jamaica Queens. Like many youth coming up in Queens in what was commonly known as the “Get or Get It” era, it didn’t take Jay long to realize that there were limited avenues which would take him out of the hood and lead him to a better place, those being basketball, beats or the hustle game. Fortunately for rap fans, Jay chose the former two options. As it turned out, Superstar Jay’s crossover was just as wicked as his cross fade. He perfected his street ball game and landed himself a full ride to Buffalo State College. Jay temporarily tossed his Technics to focus on books and ball, but early in his junior year his passion summoned him back. Superstar Jay created the “Midnight Run Mixtape,” a number one rated radio show on 91.3 WBNY-FM. News of Jay’s skills spread like wildfire throughout the campus and around Western New York. Jay became a staple in the Upstate New York club scene and rocked parties from Buffalo and Niagara Falls to Rochester and beyond. Once Jay realized that he could parlay his passion into a viable career, he set his sights on conquering the Big Apple. In 2003, Jay returned to NYC to dance with the big dogs. With his raw talent and hustler’s ambition, Jay’s mixtapes attracted the attention and respect of true rap fans across the globe. Since his emergence in New York, Jay has displayed that his dedication and work ethic are the reason that he has solidified a well-deserved spot as one of the hottest new deejays on the scene. With more than 200 tapes to date, Superstar Jay has independently moved more than 50,000 units. Jay is the hottest up and coming powerhouse in the mixtape game right now. His appeal is due largely to his ability to assemble killer rosters (including those ever elusive unobtainable artists) and deliver quality product. Jay’s gift and entrepreneurial spirit have apparently not gone unnoticed. In 2006, Superstar Jay linked up with L.A. Lakers Forward, Lamar Odom, who offered Jay a home at his newly established venture Rich Soil Records. DJ Superstar Jay has also recently been added to the all-star rosters of Da Union DJ’s and Noize Mob DJ’s. With limitless talents, DJ Superstar Jay is so much more than just a mixtape aficionado. He is a living example of turning a hobby into a commodity. Jay is not just a whiz inside the studio. With tireless energy and enthusiasm he can rock any crowd with ease. In 2000, he partnered with Oh Baby ENT. and Northside ENT. in a collaborative effort to bring rap back to its essence and assist upcoming recording artists like rapper/ actor Storm P (The Cookout, Flava Unit), Clap Cognac (BET’s 106 & Park Champion) and Gangsta Lou (Smack DVD) in establishing solid careers in the music industry. In 2007, Jay was named MTV's "MIXTAPE DJ OF THE YEAR". With several recurring guest spots on national music television shows like BET’s Rap City and MTV’s Direct Effect Jay is proving that he is definitely a force to be reckoned with.