"Dudes my age, they never last in the industry past what 22? Nah that aint gonna work for me, I'm a work hard for that longevity," Jynx states. With thousands of musicians calling themselves Jynx or Jinx, the way the kid born Ian Williams got his name is very different. "This lil chick I used to mess around with in elementary school gave me that name. We always was on the playground pecking here and there, dry humping (pauses to laugh) and we always got caught. So she called me Jynx as in bad luck." JY's musical influence stems from having a father who began working with Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth as well as Eddie F. His mother also instilled music from the New Jack Swing era into his life. "When I was young, New Jack (Swing) was poppin'. I was heavily influenced by that. That's why I love R&B. Shit, I like R&B more than rap. If I could sing, I wouldn't be rappin. My music has a lot of chick songs, cause that's I like. New Jack is exactly that, R&B over hip-hop beats and my chick songs is hip-hop over R&B beats." But luckily, that's not all JY offers. His wide range of topics include teenage pregnancy, providing money for his family, relationship problems, the theory of college, his incarcerated brother and friends, and the most emotional topic, the suicidal death of his father. "Everybody has problems that irk them. I just choose to let all of my frustrations out instead of hold them in. Personal songs are always my favorites. "A Song For Todd" is my favorite joint that I made, it really shows how I feel about my father's death. It's a real love/hate issue with him. So I made the song real bipolar like." JY's experience with writing music is unusual for somebody his age. Well it should be, he's been writing music since he was 7 years old. His music can be enjoyed by all ages. With the Spring 2008 release date of his first mixtape, It's Daddy, looming, Jynx definitely needs to let the world hear what he has to say. Go head young man let em hear it.