Every couple years the rap game evolves and brings out its newest gem to place into superstardom. From Tupac to Biggie, Nas to Jay z to now 50 cent & Kanye. The game is now ready for that new face to take its place in history who will be that one? All arrows point towards southside jamaica queens born and bred young gun LEXX 9 ELEVEN. With gritty rhymes and edgy street tales he is poised for a takeover. The Highly proclaimed SinGle 80'S BABY has already rubbed shoulders with the likes of hip hops elite, and also changed the trend in the urban market. He has came a long way from a phone call which started his career and bringing him to California. Since then he has touched the acting field with a role in DMX last major film "Never die alone" back in 2004, and also getting on records with industry likes as The Game (aftermath), Keyshia Cole, Onyx, Naughty By Nature, Eastwood(deathrow), Napolean (the outlawz). Best thing of all was fortunate to meet a then young soultry singer by the name of KEYSHIA COLE in which he formed a very great friendly bond with under the common thread that they both had the hunger to make it in the industry and served as motivation to each other. So yes Lexx unsigned circle consisted of himself and the already platinum Keyshia Cole and The Game. Soon after Lexx realized the streets wasn't the way to go especially after being shot in '02 being incarcerated the year of '05 and stabbed 4 times in '06. Since then he has also been getting consistent major radio play all over the u.s, Mainly new york on hot 97 and power 105 with the songs "80's baby", "I'm hott", "Stays On My Lean", the mixtape joint of the summer "Queenz Get The Money" and now "Heavy Roundz" which is now shaking the underground up and getting its radio plays. Lexx 9eleven who is also a dedicated family man finds his time to get nominated in the 2007 underground music awards for the 1 contender category. This man has a strong movement of atleast 60 strong in NY when it comes to showing out. Other than the usual new york artist which concentrates on the washed up diss records and mixtape buzz Lexx cut straight thru the chase with the incredible and also competitive song writing and great stage presence and performances. He has established himself as a force to not be denied. This man is a bonafide star and his takeover has begun. U kno the old sayin the revolution will not be televised well in this case its the complete opposite not only will it be televised but it will be broadcasted to the entire world so they can watch history in the making and the crowning of the future king of rap LEXX 9ELEVEN *2007 UMA (UNDERGROUND MUSIC AWARDS) 1 CONTENDER NOMINEE *2008 STREETS MOS MUSIC CONFERENCE TOP MALE PERFORMER *2008 DRAHMA MAGAZINE TOP 20 NY ARTIST